Tramadol Opinion

Tramadol – is it safe?

Tramadol is one of the most popular pain medications on the market today. It has been used as a reliable and safe treatment for mild, moderate and severe pain for many years. The well known, basic, “regular” Tramadol is still the most popular variant, although the newer Tramadol XR (extended release) version is also commonly used, especially for treating chronic pain conditions. Although primarily a pain relief drug, Tramadol is commonly used to treat other types of medical conditions as well. Although this way of using Tramadol is not officially recognized, many doctors commonly prescribe and recommend it to patients who suffer from a variety of issues. This type of Tramadol usage is called “off label”, and although it’s not always recommended, many doctors feel that since it’s been on the market for so long, years of real life medical experience are more than enough to consider off label Tramadol usage safe.

Tramadol is commonly available in both regular and XR (extended release) forms. Both variants come in either tablets or capsules, but it’s not uncommon to find Tramadol in chewable, uncoated, effervescent tablets, powders, injections and suppositories. There are probably some forms of Tramadol, especially overseas that doctors in the US have never seen, and it’s no wander. After all, Tramadol is one of the best known and longest used pain killers on the market, and it’s popularity has made it into an extremely widespread pain management solution.

Tramadol should work exactly the same, regardless of the form it comes in (with the exception of Tramadol XR, which is released over a longer period of time). Still, no matter what form of Tramadol you are using, you should always make sure to closely follow all instructions and directions. If you are not completely sure about how to use Tramadol and what to keep in mind, do not hesitate to get in touch with your doctor or pharmacist and have your questions answered.

Besides it’s main purpose (pain treatment and management), Tramadol has a number of well known, off label uses and benefits. Among others, Tramadol is frequently used to treat:

Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD)
OCD is a psychological condition manifested as a extreme form of anxiety that can only be relived by compulsively repeating certain actions. These actions can include a number of things, but some of the more common are hand washing, hoarding, extreme neatness and so on. Tramadol has been found to be an effective treatment that can help OCD patients to relive the anxiety and thus free them from the compulsive behavior.

Drug withdrawal
Tramadol can be used to help people who are struggling with fighting an alcohol or drug addiction. It’s a fairly efficient replacement for the addictive substance in question, and it can also help relive some of the worst symptoms of substance withdrawal.

Chronic migraines
Tramadol is one of the proffered drugs for treating chronic forms of painful migraines. Migraine patients often suffer from extremely painful and long lasting headaches, often followed by nausea, trouble focusing, altered vision and perception, and Tramadol can both treat the pain and relive other symptoms as well.

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